Entrance Requirements


In order to enter a Christian Degree program, an Applicant must have either:

  • Earned a diploma from an accredited High School
  • Passed the General Equivalency Diploma (G.E.D.) test, or
  • Can document an equivalent education

Students without proof of a High School diploma may receive a Certificate of Completion. Completing 60 credit hours as a Certificate Student (earning a GPA of C or better) demonstrates the student’s ability to study at the university level and may enroll in Theos and begin to earn credits toward a degree.

  • The 60 qualifying credits are in lieu of a High School equivalent education and will not count toward their Theos degree.


High School students in their Junior or Senior year of high school, may enroll with parental permission and a minimum GPA in their High School classes maintained.


Transfer Credits
Incoming students who wish to transfer credit from another institution of higher learning must provide official, sealed transcripts. (i.e. Do not open the sealed envelopes!)

Credit will be granted for qualified transferable work done on an equivalent level at an approved institution in subjects that fit within the student’s program of study for courses completed with a grade of “C” of higher. Those grades will them be averaged into the student’s overall GPA.

The Admissions Department will evaluate all qualified official transcripts obtained and submitted by the student. All official transcripts must be submitted to the Admissions Department by the student within 60 days of student’s acceptance letter in order to avoid additional reassessment fees.

In order for a student to receive one of our Christian degrees, he/she must take or transfer in credits for subjects covered in our Program 1 and complete a minimum of 30 credit hours in one of the programs offered by Theos Bible College.

Bible Teaching Experience Credit
Theos Bible College acknowledges that some incoming students are experienced ministers who may have spent large segments of their lives carrying out the responsibilities associated with study for the preaching and teaching of God’s Word in formal services or classes sanctioned by a church such as adult worship services, youth or children’s church services, or other institutions of Christian education. In light of that, we offer the possibility of giving students academic Bible Teaching Credit (BTE) toward a Christian Degree. For that preparation and teaching to qualify for BTE credit, most of the materials prepared and preached/taught should have resulted from the minister’s own study of God’s Word and not simply teaching someone else’s curriculum. See Bible Teaching Experience Application form in Appendix A for details.

BTE Evaluation Requirements
Students who wish to receive BTE credits must complete and submit the BTE Application and the $50.00 BTE Evaluation Fee within 90 days of submission of the TBC Student Application in order to initiate the process. Once the qualified experience has been determined, the student will be assessed a $15 per credit-hour for each BTE credit-hour awarded. If no BTE credit is awarded, there will be no additional fee incurred.

Qualifying students will receive a BTE Award Letter from the Registrar showing the BTE credits they are eligible to receive and the total Credit Award Fees associated with the BTE Credits. Once the student submits payment of the BTE Credits Fee, the BTE credits will be officially entered on the student’s transcript.

(Showing the maximum 30 credit-hours possible)
Description (Undergraduate BTE) Credit-Hours Cost

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