Tuition Information


Obeying God by stepping into a ministry calling can be extremely difficult if the training required to do so leaves a student buried in financial debt. As a result, our commitment is to offer a quality, accredited Biblical education in a format that brings the best of many layers together; tuition that will allow students to invest in Biblical training in a manner consistent with the Biblical admonition that “servants (instructors/professors) are worthy of their hire”, while at the same time not leaving students under an oppressive burden of debt. Simply put, we strive to provide the life-giving sweet spot between the most affordable, highest quality, Biblical and Ministry education that we can offer as a ministry to the Lord and His people.


Course tuition fees for undergraduate courses are $150 per course ($50 per credit-hour) These costs do not cover the primary textbook costs. The student is responsible to purchase their own textbooks for each class. We recommend a subscription to Scribd for an audio book option for most of the required textbooks. Each yearly program covers nine (9) courses plus Ministry Practicum, which runs concurrently throughout the 10-month academic year. The completed courses plus Ministry Practicum credits provide a student with 30 credit hours per academic year.


Tuition costs for the course completion program are $50 per course or $125 per bundle (three courses per bundle).  The fees do not cover the cost of the textbooks for the courses taken.  Payment is required before the course or bundle is made available to the student.   All courses that are completed may be converted to academic credit by paying the additional tuition amount and completing the additional work requirements. 


We have an extremely flexible financial format to make access to Theos Bible College as life-giving as possible. For example, a student may choose to pay the whole year’s tuition up front or that student may choose to access the equivalent of a Student Loan in the form of a “pay-as-you-go”* program paying for each course before the course begins.


TBC will not produce official transcripts nor allow students to participate in a commencement exercise until all outstanding fees have been paid. All fees are non-refundable.

Student IDs

Students may request a student ID card for a $5 fee.

Application Fee

The $50 Application Fee covers the time spent processing/verifying the application and assessing a student’s academic standing and qualification.

Cap and Gown Fee

Students who participate in TBC Commencement Exercises are required to purchase their own cap and gown through TBC. This fee is based on outside vendors and varies from year to year. The fee must be paid before TBC orders all the students’ caps and gowns. Students will have an advance notice before the deadline in order for everyone to have time to provide size preferences and payment. Please note that a cap and gown purchased from a previous Theos year, may be worn again. Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral students have additional costs for hoods.

Estimated Costs for Cap and Gown:

            Diploma, Associate and Advanced Degrees – $45

            Bachelor’s Degree -$75

            Master’s Degree – $75

            Doctoral Degree – $650

Official Transcript Request Fee

If the student’s account is paid in full, a student may submit a TBC Transcript Request Form (found in Appendix B under Student Forms) to the Office of the Registrar. Each graduating student will be provided one official transcript free of charge upon request. Additional transcripts will be provided at a cost of $10 each.

Returned Payment Fee

Students will be assessed a $35 fee for any form of payment returned by the bank because of insufficient funds.

Printing Course Notes

Students can request to have course notes printed for $10 each. Students can request to have notes printed and mailed for $15 each.